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Today, we have come up with a very powerful, very effective Conquest system, which is very convenient and easy for people who live in acute village sites. Anyone who uses this method can find a lost lover or loved one.


  1. A frog (male or female)
  2. A little bit of vermilion
  3. Punch juice

Day: Saturday or Tuesday
Time: Before sunrise
Direction: The face of the wanted person’s house.
Mantra: Not acceptable

Behind: Before work, with honor, take the permission of the guru, or else everything can be fruitless.

Rules: At first rainy season come home on a rainy day and bring a frog to find nearby. It is said that the common frog, is found in the pond that a little bigger frog is available,

The main problem is to recognize the male/female frog, That is, if you are a man and want to convey a girl, you must definitely take a female frog, so if you are a girl and want to convey a male, then you must provide a male Frog. Below there is a simple rule of crossing the border, as well as the simplest method of providing five-folds. The rules of the other work are the same.

For example, you will get a frog on Saturday or Tuesday, then it will be kept alive in a safe place, for the next job. Then you will have to provide your body pancake, like 1) tears, 2) nose water. 3) mouth saliva or sputum, 4) In case of uncontested women, louse or urine can be used, 5) Blood of your body. All these things have to be taken together in a small quantity or glass containers.Just like all 1 is enough to blast. So sit in a lonely house during the evening, Sit in front of the frog ‍and think of your wishing person and tell him three times before the frog face “I am so crazy for such and so (the name of my own name and my father’s name), the so-called (the name of the girl and her mother’s name) I love him, I want to get him”.
Now the mouth of the frog should be carefully screwed and poured into the fifth part in frog mouth and put a little vermilion on his head. And take him away and leave him in the house of your beloved, Of course, all work done that night, Wait a few days Your wishes will certainly be of interest to you & Contact you. There will be no exceptions.

How to recognize male and female frogs: Ways to feed male frogs: »There are two black-colored pockets on the lower jaw. »In the front of the jaw, the middle of the middle of the hand is yellow in color. »The curtains are usually small and the fingers are thick. »Wrist wrists are quite thick. »Born in bright breeding season. »When you push the back of the foot forward, you have to keep sound from the mouth. »In size is bigger and higher than weight. Wife to know the frog: »No sound pouch. »The color of the space between the two hands in the front of the jaw is bleak in all seasons. »The curtain looks bigger and the fingers are narrow. »Foot wrist is quite narrow. »Breast swelling in the breeding season. »When pressing on the back of the front leg can not make any noise, rather the stomach swells and leaves the ointment in some cases. »Small in size and weight is less.

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